Elite high level technology, certified and tested successful at the highest levels.

Green1 is a powerful 100% Bio Based, (non petro chemical), non toxic, non hazardous, authentic 100% green degreaser / cleaner. A proprietary 100% bio-based technology twelve years in the making, Green1 is safe on any surface and is safe on human skin, plants, animals any body of water. Green1 is an evolution of nature’s ability to clean. It can replace harsh, corrosive, toxic chemicals in virtually any commercial or home environment. Green1 products are based on many years of research & development with micelles and their ability to break down organic molecules & hydrocarbons. In other words, all oils, grease, surface grime and dirty solids.

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Green1 & its advantages.

  • Green1 is NSF certified, and in the final stages of DfE and Bio-Preferred Certifications. Even acute overexposure to Green1 results in no evidence of adverse effects with respect to skin absorption, contact, ingestion or inhalation.
  • Green1 is a safe and powerful cleaner for your car or your counter, your driveway or stains on your clothes.
  • Green1’s MSDS hazard square rating is a perfect zero and there are no restrictions of volume or where it can be used. Material Safety Data Sheet can be found on our individual product pages.
  • It will take ink off your hand and grease buildup off of your backyard grill.
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